Giacobbe Napoli ties are cut, sewn and wrapped by hand, using traditional craftsmanship “Seven Folds” , the ultimate elegance and Neapolitan style. The Seven Folds is a tie which the fabric, once cut in pieces that compose it, is folded several times on itself before sewing to equip the tie of a thickness and density. A tie Seven Folds is more consistent with a normal tie and wear it as’ a feeling of absolute composure of his clothing, almost protective.



Gennaro Giacobbe, born in Pozzuoli (Naples) Solfatara district. Son of Francis Giacobbe and Luciana Mirabella, has Venetian descent, by the great-grandmother, Calabrian by the great-grandfather and, in part, Brazilian. Married to Claudia, she has two sons, Bruno and Matteo. He never loved the power, nor the career nor the money. Why is devoted to couture creations and fabrics he uses as a painter he would do with his canvas. Speaking of himself says, “more, however, I could tell by what they are not, since it is very easy to know what we are not. Incredibly difficult to understand what and who inhabits our depths. And that’s what I try, every day, to do, giving me, if possible, the luxury and the company of beauty, maybe not save us, but at least we will live better


Historical notes on the tie 

The first to wear it was the Roman legionaries in the regions of northern Europe; Then it was a strip of tissue (focal) tight around the neck from a node. The tie itself was born only at the beginning of 1600: a large strip of white or red linen: kravatska (from Slavic croatian) which was part of the Croatian militias hired by Louis XIV. He had, above all, a romantic meaning; It was the gift of love made by women to soldiers who went to war. The tie more like our modern one dates back to the eighteenth century: a narrow strip of silk passed under the collar of the shirt and usually knotted with a bow. The “how-to” tapping the bow was a very debated matter, so that at that time numerous books were published concerning “the art of knitting the tie”; One of these was written by Honoré de Balzac.

The craftsmanship

Ties Giacobbe Napoli are made using the best silks and Italian high-quality interior. The craftsmanship and attention to detail, make our unique creations; our “seven folds” are printed silk, and are cut, sewn and processed entirely by hand in silk twill. This tailoring process gives the garment a seal and a way of falling impeccable. Ties Giacobbe Naples, tell a story; why wear them, it is to speak to others a bit ‘of us, our emotions, our way of being. Alone.